Игорь (ihorko) wrote in feeteater,

.photoset | grass and feet

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whoever the tanned girl is, her feet are excuisite..very nicely shaped
sure. her feet are very very very beautiful :)
? Тоесть ?
Высшая оценка, типа. Охуенско.
Amazing post and amazing feet. Mouth watering
both pairs lovely. tanned... beautiful. white... fancy. avatar also very pretty.
these are absolutely some of the most beautiful foot shots i have ever seen! So clear! and their feet are so clean looking, too!! Scrunched toes, in the air with green grass, goddamn, this is fucking beautiful!!!!
I'd be proud to put posters of this all around my apartment!! Truly beautiful, shows how wonderfully gorgeous a couple pairs of feet can really be! I can't see how anyone can look at this and not think it is a beautiful piece of art!!
Now, i must take pics like these with my girlfriend, too!! I wonder if she'd let me invite one of her friends' feet along for it, too, hehe ...
if so then post here etc.