Игорь (ihorko) wrote in feeteater,

Feeteater came back...

Hello All

I was away for a long time but i'm back. And, UNFORTUNATELY, i was shocked when i saw how this community looks now and what kind of posts we have. Sorry guys, but lots of you forgot te rules.

First of all, posting temporarily set to "moderated", new users also will have to send request for approval.

Also removed "dead" lj users, some other were removed because they forgot all the rules of this community and because of spam and ads. The first member to delete was this guy who posted his drawings. Sorry limegreensquid, but your art sucks. And i hate using VERY BIG LETTERS TO CATCH SOMEONE'S ATTENTION! That's my not very humble opinion.

All the promotional posts of other communities etc will be deleted, but users will be not banned. I hope you will read the rules and will not do this in future.

lrlshoes deleted for commercial advertising.
mystarhasfaded now is in read-only for posting VERY LARGE pictures without lj-cut.
fernanb banned for posting his male feet (community is called "... female feet ...").

And again:

- use lj-cut
- no blurry or webcam pics
- no male feet
- no ads
- no spam
- no stupid questions
- no ugly pics


The rules will be updated and posted soon. Almost all old postings will be deleted.

Sorry for this, but i don't want to have my nickname connected to this kind of shity content i see here now.


Community owner
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